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Sarah BRAYER (b. 1957)
color aquatint and original paperwork

Inner light is the unifying theme in my work.  Radiant skies, a road with light in the distance, moonlit landscapes or glowing constellations in the night sky, I wish to present light in all its manifestations.


I began this journey with light through etching and other print mediums that allowed me to make painterly marks on plates and transfer them to paper.  By moving to Kyoto I became part of a long-held print tradition in Japan.  As I experimented with different kinds of washi paper as printing surfaces, I realized that if I actually used the medium of making washi paper, I could compose an image while physically making the paper.  Making paperworks allowed me to dive into the work intimately and explore new territory in my creative process.  Each paperwork is an improvisation, and is unique to the moment it is made.


My recent Luminosity series of paperworks and editions, takes this a step further by adding light sensitive pigments directly into the wet paper fibers.  Thus I can create an inner glow when I make the paper that is part of the piece.  In a sense, it’s a reductive way of working: fewer steps and light embedded inside the image.  I am excited by this unique, magical and soothing quality of light that emerges when the works are viewed in the dark (as well as the light).

A more in-depth exploration of my work can be found on the Buddhist Door website, here.

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