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MISAKI Akihiro - 見崎彰広 (b. 1987)

The Tolman Collection is delighted to welcome a brand-new star to its list of lithographers: Tokyo's own Akihiro Misaki.

Due to the pandemic I have not yet met this talented young artist, a graduate of Geidai, one of Japan’s most prestigious art schools, but when I saw pictures of his mysterious and haunting prints, I knew that I wanted to show his work to my clients in the United States.

Misaki focuses on the depths achievable within the color black by printing only in monotone. When you look at his work, you find a reflection of light or shadow simply from the technically brilliant use of black ink. His prints (which are lithographs) somehow manage to resemble pencil drawings. To create these subtle and perfect works, he spends countless hours meticulously drawing the images onto an aluminum plate. 

Misaki-san is presently teaching art at a junior high school and seldom can find enough time to produce large editions, so his edition numbers are extremely limited, as few as -- or less than -- nine. There are no #4 existing in his editions either as the artist skips this number (which is unlucky in Japan) adding to the rarity of his work. 

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