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Welcome to The Tolman Collection of New York blog. I'm Allison Tolman.

As mentioned on the home page, I am a second-generation art dealer, with long-standing ties to Japan and personal relationships since childhood with many of the artists whose work I handle, I am incredibly proud of the work that I showcase. Japan has a long history of print making, and the artists that I represent are among the very best of the Japanese (or Japan based) artists working today.

The Tolman Collection of Tokyo, our parent company, was established in 1972 by my mother and father. They started out as print collectors during the time that my father worked for the US Foreign Service and had the idea to promote living printmakers in Japan as their next career step and as a means of staying in their beloved Japan. It was an exciting time as many printmakers branched out from traditional sosaku hanga in that decade in order to explore more experimental techniques.

Our galleries are known for the pristine condition of the artwork that we show and for our habit of buying entire editions and mentoring artists through exclusivity contracts. We are now the world's largest publishers of contemporary Japanese graphic art.

In the almost 50 years since the gallery was established in Tokyo, it has been exciting to see how many people have begun collecting in this field. I look forward to sharing my passion with you, to introducing you to wonderful art and artists, and to communicating my very personal and educational approach to the wonderful world of Japanese art via this blog.


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