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Hot Off The Presses: The "DyEing" Art of Kappazuri

TAKAHASHI Hiromitsu is one of the artists with whom the Tolman Collection has an exclusivity contract, and for whom he has produced some 300 beautiful editions over the years. His representative prints are in the tradition of the legendary artist MORI Yoshitoshi and he is, as we often refer to him, the last of the Kappazuri stencil masters. His prints are vivid pieces depicting exciting moments in Kabuki plays, often actors wearing gorgeous costumes striking over the top poses. For some images of his work, please click here.

In this book, the author has chosen some three dozen prints by Hiromitsu-san, researched the Kabuki play from which the artist was inspired and given a clear explanation of exactly what is depicted in each of the prints. This in-depth view of the subject matter is very helpful in fully understanding just how steeped in tradition these prints are. The book also includes information on the tradition of Kappazuri stencil making, and the career of the artist.

I should also add, for the sake of full disclosure and from a sense of family pride, that this book was written by my nephew. It is, I think you will agree even if you are not a relative, a wonderfully researched and written book, beautifully printed, with lovely images for your viewing pleasure.

The book is available for purchase online here.


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